Sunset Selfies

WOW is been 2 months since I last did a blog post! Can’t believe where the time has gone its like winter now! Anywho a lot has happened in the last couple months. I have finally got a flashgun to play with woop, its awesome and I will do a proper post about it soon.

So enough of my babbling on, today I managed to accomplish something I have been trying to do for a while. Photographing an epic sunset with Skylar dawg lit up with the flash in the foreground. My day wasn’t going great, I had decided to take an unscheduled day off (I normally work 6 days a week so I was looking forward to it) The day started fine then took a downturn when I wanted to do something on my computer which led to more than 2 hours faffing around trying to get my headphones to work before giving up at walking Skylar who was by now really really ready to go for a walk.

I had planned that we would have a wonderful day in the sunshine (which was forecast but the usually grey Welsh autumn/winter weather was in full swing as usual) and I was going to take loads of photos of my besty Skylar. Anyway even with the overcast sky I took the camera and off we went to the lonely tree. The area near the bottom of the hill is quite wooded but also really dark due to the overcast sky’s so we carried on up the hill, as we walked up it was getting closer to golden hour and the clouds were breaking on right side of the valley YAY!!!

When we got to the top I got to work getting all my gear set up and ready for shooting, I did a load of test shots to make sure I had my flash set up properly and not too bright and my focus point right – que bag in place of Skylar who was having a fun time running around like a hooligan. Once I had the focus right It was photography time, Skylar had other ideas though and I forgot the treats so we ended up both being in the photo :-D. I set the camera to interval mode so I didn’t have to keep running between shots to press the trigger again. It worked well doing it like this as I had it set to 10 shots 5 seconds apart to make sure we were in position for at least a few of them!

Needless to say even though I didn’t get any of Skylar on her own this time I am very pleased with the images I got and know what to do next time.


I’ve got a new website!

So a few things have happened since I last wrote a blog firstly I finally got a website set up! Woooo! Also I have been spending more time photographing at Revolution Bike Park rather than just driving the uplift.

So I wanted to get a website sorted out so I could sell my images to the riders who I photographed at the bike park. I did loads and loads of research as to which portfolio site to use and settled with Zenfolio (I did try a few others first but I found them difficult to set up how I wanted). It was quiet easy to set up, I set up an account on the 14 day free trial which was great as it had all the benefits of the package that I was looking at.

It took alllllllllll day to do but I am so happy with it 🙂

Skylar naturally made the first image on the home page
Galleries complete with appropriate watermarks to stop screen grabbing of my pictures.

Eventually I want to do more dog photography and with this website I can upload client images to private galleries where the best can be chosen for download and also printed (need to look a bit more into the third party printers I can choose from). Also I would like to offer landscape prints and maybe greetings cards.

Anywhoo that’s it for now, if you want to check the website out for yourself then click here ——>