I first got into my photography a few years ago in 2015 where I brought myself a Sony bridge camera. My sister had brought a bridge camera and was getting some good snaps, also I was going to the Philippine’s that year on holiday and wanted to get some good pictures so I took the plunge and brought one.

I started taking photos of Skylar my sprocker spaniel (springer spaniel x cocker spaniel) in manual mode and got used to the settings. I did get quite frustrated at times as it became clear that in low light the camera didn’t preform as well as I hoped, needless to say I kept at it and got some good pictures from it.  (the one of her in the field I got blown up and is now hanging on my living room wall).

I also started to like the idea of astrophotography, as I live in rural Wales the sky at night here is awesome! so I got searching for tutorials on how to do that. I came across the lonely speck website —> http://www.lonelyspeck.com/ which has sooooo much information on beginner astrophotography with tutorials and videos, as well as gear reviews and timelapse setup. The limitations of my bridge camera were very clear here but, I managed to get some nice photos and with the help on an intervalometer I also got some timelapse footage of the milkyway when I was in the Philippine’s.

Milky Way shot in the Philippine’s

I kept going with my bridge camera for a while but decided to move up and get a DSLR. This move took a long time and I did obsess over A LOT of different cameras for a loooooooong time! I was fortunate enough to have a photographer friend to help with my decision making. I was looking at crop sensor Nikon cameras for a while but he recommended a second hand full frame (as  he thought it would be likely I would want to upgrade to one at some point anyway). So the looking continued and in November 2016 I took the plunge and got a second hand Nikon D700 on Ebay (after lots of looking and advise on what to look for) and a Nikon 28-80mm lens to go with it.

That is when my photography really stepped up and I am having so much fun with it. I have since got another lens, a Nikon 80-200mm f2.8 which is awesome! I am now looking at photography as a future for me (as I love it so much).

I decided to start this photography blog mostly so my family and friends could see what I was getting up to but also as something nice to do with my photos. Both my sisters have awesome blogs (one moved to Australia and blogs about her adventures down under and the other is currently travelling in Sri Lanka and volunteering as a vet for a stray dog charity) and I really liked the idea of doing one also.

So here is my blog! I will be posting updates on my adventures with Skylar dog as well as other things that I get up to with my camera.