Rhiwargor Waterfall, Lake Vyrnwy

So as you may have read from my last blog I was supposed to be going here on the Bank Holiday Monday but had some car related issues. The car needs a new engine and is waiting to be fixed so in the meantime we have a higher car. I had Saturday off work so decided I would make attempt 2 at going to the waterfall!  After layering the hire car in towels to protect it from Skylar’s hair we were off. I got to the car park for the Rhiwargor Waterfall trail just after 10 am and there was no one else there – brilliant!!

We started off on our walk to the waterfall, it is such a nice walk to do and I really enjoy taking Skylar on this one. She is a bit funny about getting into water and will only go in if she can walk in and will never jump in (which is actually quite handy!). So she had a fun time on our walk up.

Once we got to the waterfall I set out climbing up to get some nice shots of it at all the different stages. I have never walked up it before, it is such a beautiful waterfall, and each stage looks totally different from the last. I don’t have any filters for my camera yet so had to make do with shorter 1/4 second exposures as it was so bright. I am quite happy with the results I got and am ordering filters asap! I also found a really helpful guide on long exposure shooting without filters, so I can practice that in the meantime.

Us at the top!

On our way back Skylar had a fun time chasing birds and doing some more swimming in the stream. It was such a beautiful day, we were out for just over 2 hours and she slept most the afternoon! I will defiantly be going back here as soon as I can to practice what I have learnt.

Easter Adventures

Adventure one

So it’s the Easter weekend and I have actually got time off! I had 2 adventures planned for Skylar and myself this weekend, the first was exploring by our house.

We moved into this house about 1 year ago and I haven’t really ventured past the lonely tree to the back of the house or  through the woods from the front of the house. I was armed with my OS map and spent a while online making my route via footpaths and bridle ways so I knew where I was going (pretty much). We set off about 10 am and started through the woods and up the hill. We then followed the bridleway to the next valley over.

Once out on the road we walked about 1/2 a mile to get to the next footpath, there were loads of wild flowers in the hedge rows and verges which I love. Also some nice views across the Welsh country side.

We got to where the next footpath should be and that is where things started to get a bit difficult, most of these footpaths marked on the map were unsigned from the road and were unkempt. I tried to follow these as best as I could but unfortunately the way was blocked so I had to back track and go the rest of the way home by road. When we made it back to the town, I took the back road home and found a nice stream for Skylar to play in (she had a lot of lead time due to the road walk), I was also able to practice some long exposure shots which was awesome!

Adventure two

On the bank holiday Monday I had planned our second adventure. My plan was to go to Lake Vyrnwy and photograph the waterfall there. I was all packed and ready to go and after dropping Tim off at work we were enroute. The clouds were clearing and it was setting up to be a beautiful morning. I was about 4 miles into my drive and the car cut out!! Disaster!! I could not get it to start back up so had to call for recovery, when they arrived they couldn’t fix it by the road and suggested it was a terminal problem. I got recovered back to Tim’s work and spent the rest of the day in that area. My grand plan for shooting the waterfall on the back seat I went on a local footpath that I knew had a stream so I could practice my long exposures.

I managed to snap this one which I am quite pleased with. So not an entirely wasted day.

Macro Experiments 

So as the name of this blog suggests it is all about macro photography! I have been lucky enough to borrow a Nikon 105mm f2.8G AF-S VR lens with a X2 teleconverter off of my friend and it’s fair to say I LOVE it!

I haven’t really done any proper macro photography before so was very excited to get to use this lens. I was very impressed with how fast it focuses and how much detail I could capture. My first exploration was around the garden and it was great to see all the flowers in such detail through the view finder alone! I was using the lens with the VR on as I was using it handheld – at this point I hadn’t ordered my tripod yet. Below are some of the images I captured from my first time out.

After the success in the garden I then went to the woods over the road from my house. Again I was using the camera handheld but got some really good pictures and I am pleased with how they came out.

I have since been back around the garden a few times and back at the woods. I think I am getting the hang of composition and I also now have a tripod so have been able to do a bit more with depth of field and longer exposure times.

So that concludes my initial experiments into macro photography. I really love this lens and will continue to use it until I need to give it back!

(Also in other news we are getting a crested gecko in the not too distant future so you can expect a new subject to my macro work soon!!)

First blog post

Hello and welcome to my first blog post!

After much deliberation I have decided to start a new blog about my adventures in photography.

So a bit about me to start. I am a saddler by trade and have my own business where I make bespoke leatherwork from scratch. Mostly dog collars and leads but also belts, shooting accessories, phone cases, gifts and horsey items. I have been working for myself for almost 3 years now and I love it so much! I also have started making video tutorials that I upload to YouTube (click here to see my channel)  which I really enjoy doing. If you are intrested in handmade leather work you can visit my website – Below are a few images of the items that I have made in the workshop.

When I am not in the workshop I am usually found camera in hand, walking my gorgeous dog (not that I am bias…) Skylar. She is a springer spaniel x cocker spaniel and loves life! She is mental on walks but nice and quiet (mostly) at home, she suffers from epilepsy but this doesn’t stop her doing anything.

I decided to start this blog as a way of sharing my photos with every one. Both my sisters have blogs and I thought this would also be a great outlet for my to get my photos out into the big wide world.

So please join me on my journey as I photograph Life in RAW.